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Ladoguerie MM TigerwoodsI' ve always been passionnate by this magnificent breed also calls the '' Apollon of dogs'' the Great Danes or Deutsch Doggen.

It is difficult to explain and to get people to understand, everything we can live and feel living with a Great Dane. But after knowing  what it is ,you can no longer live without one. One Dane a day, a Dane for always.

Large breed, short life, but I' d rather live 8 to 12 years with a Dane than 16 years with another breed.

I am the proud owner of a magnificent stud and a male and female companion dog, and I would also like to share with you, how is the day to day life with Great Danes, and for this I will introduce you

''  Hélios, Hunter and Chanel '' our beautiful Great Danes.

We are Member of the Great Dane Club of Canada, Great Dane Club of America and The Association of the Great Dane Fanciers


Our danes are fed with a premium quality raw food produced by:

5 Stars Raw Food -for more information, please write to: or contact us.



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Chanel et Edgar


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